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Peter Pan 

By Bros do Prose

Want to stay a kid forever? Fly away to Neverland with Bros do Prose in a fresh new spin on Peter Pan.  With a whirlwind of creativity, sick beats and physical feats, a cast of two actors brings the beloved story to life in a theatrical display you will never forget.


Wendy Darling dreams of a magical island where she never has to grow-up. When Peter Pan flies out of her dreams and in through her window, Wendy convinces him to lead her to Neverland. And so begins the adventure of a lifetime! Through mischievous antics with Peter Pan, cunning confrontations with Captain Hook, and Saturday night dance parties with the Lost Boys, Wendy uncovers the strength and joy that will keep her young long after she leaves Neverland.


Whether this journey to Neverland is your first or hundredth, Bros do Prose’s PETER PAN will have you flying!

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Original Production Team


Producer: The Summer Theatre of New Canaan

Director: Christian Libonati

Sound Design: Michael Huey

Costume Design: Ilana Breitman

Set Design: Brad Caleb Lee 
Fight Coordinator: Dan Renkin

Choreographer: Corinne Curtis Broadbent

Original PSM: Michelle Rakowsky

AD: Erin McCurley
ASM: Margot Weiss


Shoutouts: Chris Hanretty, Ian Loftis and

RJ Thomas

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