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The Bros aren't the only ones excited about prose. See what others have to say about their work. 

"To have the opportunity to watch [Bros do Prose] perform is to sit in on a master class years in the making – but accessible to all ages."

Anna Holbrook

Emmy Award Winning Actor and Educator

"It's absolutely incredible! It's truly for ALL ages

-- don't miss it"

Christopher Tate


"My 2nd grade students told me it was the best show they had ever seen!"

Elementary Teacher, CT

“The Adventures of Robin Hood” energized and inspired our entire student body! Every element of the production exceeded our expectations; from the professional staging, lighting and sound to the dynamic actors who truly engaged all students. The kids were buzzing about exciting storytelling and hopeful for more theatrical experiences to come to our school! Thank you!"

Luke Forshaw

Principal, Ox Ridge Elementary School

Darien, Connecticut

“With all the precision, agility and endless stamina possible, these two terrific actors bring to their enthusiasm to the stage, which spills out over the footlights and encourages audience involvement.”  


- Chicago Theatre Review 

"Robin Hood is a wonderfully enticing show. It captures the imaginations of both children and adults with its quick humor and witty choreography. The physical adaptation of this timeless story is very entertaining to watch. Audiences of all ages will be so impressed that 2 amazing actors take on the role of so many familiar characters. Their talent in telling the story keeps the audiences engaged and in the end.....important life lessons are always learned.  Not to be missed!!"

Diana Ryan 


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