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Trea$ure Island

By Bros do Prose

The Bros bring exuberance, athleticism, suspense, humor and empathy to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale as we journey along with Young Jim Hawkins who discovered a great pirate’s treasure map. We meet the infamous pirate Long John Silver, his crew of cut throats and all the colorful characters who define what it means to be on an adventure. 

Recommended for ages 6 and up.


*Content includes moments of suspense and stage combat*


Original Production Team


Presenter: The Summer Theatre of New Canaan

Director: Christian Libonati

Set Design: Brad Caleb Lee

Sound Design/Orchestrations: Michael Huey
Fight Coordinator: Dan Renkin

Choreographer: Corinne Curtis Broadbent

Costume Design: Jessa-Raye Court

Lighting Designer: Michael Blagys

Assistant Director: Mack Finklea

Production Assistant: Margaret Toft

Production Stage Manager: Elliott Karliner 

ASM: Jenna Arkontaky


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